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Award Nominee - New Jersey Web Fest 2023

I've been working on podcasts since 2013, and, in 2023, I was co-nominated for Best Editing at New Jersey WebFest for my work on the How It Ends audio drama, which itself won the Outstanding Mystery award. Some additional information about my various podcast-related projects can be found on the Podcasts page.

If you are interested in hiring me as an editor or recording engineer, then you can find information about my rates and what you can expect below. As I do more of this kind of work, I may want to revise my pricing scheme. In that case, I'll give you as much advance warning as I can, so you can decide how you want to handle it.


My rate for editing is $45/hour. For a 2-3 person conversation, my usual estimate would be that it will take four times as much time to edit an episode as there is audio (so half an hour of audio = two hours of editing time). The minimum charge is $45.

If there are special circumstances, or problems with the recordings that mean that a particular session will require extra editing, then I'll let you know in advance what's going on, and will, if possible, provide an estimate of how much additional time it will take.

Recording Engineer

If you live in the Providence area, and we have compatible schedules, then I can go to a recording studio or other location and act as a recording engineer. Note that I work a full-time job, and unfortunately am not normally available 9 am-6 pm during the week.

My current rate for this sort of work is $60 for four hours, with a four hour minimum.

After the recording session, I will provide the audio in separate tracks, as .wav, .aiff, or .mp3 files. The files will normally be sent to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. If you prefer a different format, then let me know, and I will let you know if I can accommodate you. (In most cases, I should be able to.)

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